Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I remember thinking to myself, i always never get the chance to use the Wellness Oasis lounge at T1 because my flights always depart from T3 at Changi Airport. Well, finally I got the chance to depart from T1 the other day when we took our Air France flight to Paris for our recent Europe trip and I thought, yay finally i can try out the Wellness Oasis lounge lol.

The lounge wasn't hard to find,we just followed the signs after clearing customs and it was near to the bookstore.

List of partners - As you can see, my trusted ANZ travel card allows us access to the Wellness Oasis lounge

Compared to the Ambassador Transit Lounge, the Wellness Oasis is much smaller.  The seating area also doesn't look as comfortable as the one at the Ambassador Transit Lounge in my opinion at least!

There is a separate area at the lounge where you can do massages and get your nails done if you want.

Main seating area - as you can see its not very big


The selection was fairly limited, you have the standard cup noodles with some biscuits and cakes etc.

I didnt even notice this small fridge until some time cuz it was soo small lol. Anyway the salads look a little sad and unappetizing so i didnt try it haha.

Good selection of teas from the Clipper Tea

The main highlight for me was the Fish Spa actually! 

Never tried this before and since this was complimentary for the lounge guests, i thought what the heck i'll just try it lol. The experience was a little strange actually, it was kind of weird when you put your feet in the water and all the fishes start swarming around your feet and nibbling at your skin! 

Look at the swarm of fishes! Looks pretty scary doesnt it? But after awhile, you sort of get used to the feeling haha.


Opening Hours
24 Hours Daily. 

Airside - turn right after Immigration and proceed to the main departure/arrival lounge level, near Gate D41


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