Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paris & Switzerland trip 2015 - Part 1

Finally got the chance to post some pics from my recent trip to Europe in Sept. 

Was very much looking forward to my trip, more so because i could finally see my sister and niece! Also Kelvin and I needed a long deserved break after working so hard for the year lol..

Wefie at the Changi Airport

After spending some time at the airport lounge, it was finally time to board our Air France flight. The itinerary was to spend 2 nights in Paris after that, to fly to Geneva.

It was my first time flying Air France, i had heard alot of horror stories beforehand about how people's luggages were lost and transit was terrible at Paris CDG airport so needless to say, i was a little apprehensive when i booked the flights with Air France. However, because it was the only way to transit at Paris without paying an arm and a leg, i decided to go ahead .

The total flight cost came up to about SGD 1.4k per pax. After boarding the flight, i was pleasantly surprised. The inflight entertainment system was pretty new and high tech. It was touch screen and the user interface was pretty easy to use! In fact, i think its better than Krisworld at SQ because when I take SQ, i still have to use the controller to select movies.

Food/Drinks Menu for economy class

I think Air France is one of the few airlines which serve Champagne in economy class!

I had the chicken with red thai curry, it was pretty ok for airline food i guess. it came with mineral water, fruits and some salad at the side. One thing i missed though was the hot towel service which you get if you fly SQ!

Needless to say, i ordered a glass of champagne since you hardly get the chance to drink champagne on a flight!  Kelvin had some red wine.

Finally after 11 hours plus of flight time (which is always a torture for me since i can never sleep on flights), we arrived at Paris!

Gorgeous aerial view of Paris as we are landing..

After landing at the CDG airport, we left one of our big luggages at the luggage storage counter at the airport and made our way to the airbnb apartment which we had booked for our 2 nights in Paris.

It was our first time trying airbnb and frankly it was not easy to book an apartment i felt. I felt that it was so tiring waiting for hosts to reply if there was availability at their apartments (even though their calendars showed it was empty!) and them asking questions about you. It felt almost invasive and too much trouble. The experience was interesting but I probably wont try it again!

The apartment we booked in Paris was in a great location near to Notre Dame and Lourve museum but really small. There was a loft bed and we were supposed to climb the ladder to sleep on the top but the ladder was not steady so we gave up and just slept on the sofa bed lol. It was also weird not having housekeeping and our towels changed so yeah..

After checking in, we walked around abit to explore the area.

Love the view of the river seine 

Pon des Arts - the famous bridge where lovers put their locks with their names as a sign of their love

Lourve pyramid/museum

Dinner at Cafe Constant

The cafe was highly recommended by bloggers so i decided that we had to try it for dinner and we were not disappointed! The food was really yummy and prices were pretty reasonable for dining in Paris.

We had lobster ravioli soup for starters and that was super man. You could taste the richness of the lobster in the soup and it was amazingly good. 

I had the steamed fish with veggies and potatoes, it was simple but tasted really nice.

Kelvin had sirloin steak with mashed potatoes.

After the satisfying dinner, we went to the Eiffel tower which was within walking distance from the cafe.

Palace of Versailles

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