Sunday, June 23, 2019

Chope birthday promo

For chope's recent birthday promo, they have this spin the wheel game where you can supposedly win big prizes like a staycation and vouchers. 

After spinning many times, the only good prize I won was a bonus 1000 chope dollars (which is not too bad I guess since the other prizes I got were mostly miserable $2 off vouchers and 100 to 150 bonus chope dollars!) So I made a reservation at the nearby Columbus coffee and tada I got my 1300 chope dollars (I got 300 dollars for being a live up member) finally! 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dbs treasures lounge @ Ngee Ann City

Couple of months back I received an invitation to join DBS Treasures (which puzzled me cuz I dont meet their 350K under AUM criteria?!) but I thought oh well why not I applied and voila it wasn't a scam or anything haha. I received the confirmation from DBS that I was now a DBS treasures customer and I found out because I realized because I couldn't log into my usual posb ibanking app and had to download the DBS iWealth app😂

I got my DBS treasures debit card and was trying to search for the perks of being a priority customer and all it mentioned in the forums was that you get free coffee/tea at their lounges at Ngee Ann City and Paragon haha. So today we happened to be at Taka to do some christmas shopping and I decided to check out the lounge on level 5 with baby Chloe in tow!

I was quite pleasantly surprised there were more than just coffee/tea, they also had a beverage section with cold soft drinks.

The nice auntie at the lounge asked me what drinks I wanted and she got me hot tea and ayataka lol.
Inside of the lounge was abit bare, just some tables and chairs. I was actually expecting more haha. It was pretty late when I went there so there weren't much people around in the lounge (which was a good thing!).
They even served some cookies from Swissbake together with the drinks which was a nice touch!

Chloe playing around >.<

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Black Friday sales - AccorHotels promo

Just nabbed a Good Friday sales promo on AccorHotels (40% off) and booked a hotel staycation at So Sofitel Singapore for only $185!

With taxes it came up to around $200 which is a pretty good deal given it includes breakfast.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

SIN to NRT SQ 638 Business Class review

Flew to Hokkaido last month for the first time and baby chloe's first time flying was onboard SQ business class! Would have never been possible without my trusted mile credit cards to rack up my miles over the past few years. I had enough miles for us to fly one-way biz class and economy class back. As SQ does not fly direct to New Chitose Airport, we had to transit in Narita and take a connecting flight to CTS.

Our SQ638 flight from SIN-NRT was at 11.45pm and we were kinda worried that chloe would be crying throughout the flight since it was her first time flying but thankfully it went better than expected. Except for the part where she was fussing because  she didn't like being strapped in while the plane was taking off, she slept almost for the full duration of the flight  and only woke up at breakfast time.

The aircraft type was initially a 777-300 ER but after that I got an email informing the change to the latest 787 to be used for regional flights. 

The seats were pretty comfortable and I booked the much coveted seat (seat 11K) which is a bassinet seat. There are only 2 bassinet seats in biz class for this aircraft and It came in really handy for travelling with our 15 month old baby.

Business class seat on the new 787, you can slide the seat all the way down to full flat bed mode using the automatic controls (below pic). This was Kelvin's seat haha.

Next to the seat was a small handheld controller used to change the channels and adjust settings

Noise cancelling headphones used for business class, was pretty good quality compared to the ones at economy class!

Bassinet seat 11K - top view to show the bassinet seat storage space!

Our flight stewardess who took good care of us during the flight, she was explaining to Kelvin how to use the seat belt for Chloe during take off i think

More than ample space for you to relax and stretch out your legs, wish i could travel business class all the time lol

Pre departure drinks - glass of apple bliss and a small packet of almonds/cashews

2nd drink - orange juice. ikr, why am i wasting my time on all these drinks when I can order champagne and red wine etc  The joys of being a mother lol

The menu card was placed in front of the seat pocket

Drinks menu 

Note: The apple bliss is a must try! i read from another online review that it was good and true enough, it was a refreshing and tasty drink, didnt regret ordering it haha

Since it was a red eye flight, it was a sleeper service menu for the main course. 

I was torn actually, I wanted to order Book The Cook (BTC) beforehand since this is something special only for business/first class on SQ but i also heard that the Hanakoireki japanese set (which is not available as a selection on the BTC) was good. In the end i went for the Hanakoireki set.

Tadah - my Hanaroikei set. 

Actually to be frank, i kind of regretted ordering this and not going for the lobster/steak on BTC instead. Some of the small side dishes were nice but the octopus and okra/pickles tasted a little weird (and I eat Japanese food all the time!)

Finally, a cup of red wine! Had it after Chloe fell aslp haha

Chloe fell aslp for most of the flight which was a huge relief!

Time to try to get some sleep..tough luck, i couldnt fall alsp as always. It's a bane of my life not being able to sleep onboard planes (or anywhere for that matter)


  Hot cup of cappuccino for breakfast

Baby chloe just woke up in her bassinet seat and sitting happily

Post weaning meal for baby chloe's breakfast - she managed to finish quite a bit of the food so guessed the taste was ok! Lol

Toiletries in the business class cabin, it was kind of sad looking if you ask me. SQ should seriously do something about not giving out inflight amenity pouches for business class!

Overall I enjoyed the business class flight (my first time!) but if I had to pay for this, I think i would have been disappointed. My next goal is to rack up enough miles for business class redemption on other airlines!

Silverkris lounge

Review of SilverKris Lounge

The SilverKris lounge was located at T3 on the 2nd floor after customs immigration (turn left).

There were lots of customers at the lounge 

The food and drinks selection were pretty decent, I'll let the pics do the talking!

Different varieties of cheese with crackers and grapes

Lots of seating available, though it was still quite packed

Salad bar

Drinks area

Sandwiches, handy for those who want to grab and go

TWG tea

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Visiting preschools in bishan/amk

Chloe is turning 18 months soon so time to start looking at preschools for her!

I wanted a preschool near to our place at bishan so I visited the following preschools which was nearby:

  1. Calum Junior (Bishan)
  2. Totsville Montessori (Bishan)
  3. Maple Bear (Midview City)
  4. Mindchamps(Midview City)
  5. Little Wonders Montessori Childcare (Bishan)
  6. Hampton (Bishan)
  7. Brighton Montessori Grassroot Club

Here are my reviews of each of the childcare/preschools after having visited them

Calum Junior

  • Landed property opposite junction 8 area
  • Outdoor playground but looked abit run down
  • 3 levels with basement area for assembly (have to climb alot of stairs)
  • Classrooms looked a little untidy and messy
  • Teachers looked okay, educational materials looked interesting
  • Not cheap (think it was around 1.5k?)

Totsville Montessori

  • Located at basement 1 under one of the hdb flats at bishan
  • Very small and cramped
  • Windows all closed with no outdoor sunlight, felt a lil claustrophobic
  • A little messy n noisy, no partition walls between different classes
  • Educational material looked not bad, had some maths chart on the walls
  • Saw a sick child being picked up by his grandpa
  • For 18 months, only 3-4 hour sessions available and fees very expensive given the short sessions (even though it follows montessori program)!!

    Maple Bear

    • Very large area, spacious open area
    • Gigantic indoor playground (like some castle) with a ball pit, chloe loved it
    • Wet play area
    • Classrooms are not separated in the outside area so a little noisy
    • Not many children were there when we visited so felt a little empty
    • No uniforms, children were wearing home clothes
    • Fees: around 1.4-1.5k


    • Large spacious area with individual classrooms for each level (pre-nursery, N1, N2 etc)
    • Super big gym area 
    • Big indoor playground which looked very new
    • Staff look very caring and good with handling the kids (the chinese lady who brought us around was very intelligent, friendly and good at talking ha)
    • Children were very interactive and looked very happy 
    • Organic milk, yoghurt provided for kids
    • Very expensive! 1.9k before subsidy but includes most extra curriculum activities 
    Little Wonders Montessori Childcare
    • Smaller school, not much play area
    • Children were napping when we visited so nothing much to see
    • Looked a little empty and cold
    • Didnt have any feeling for this preschool at all
    • Fees were affordable, less than 1k
    • Follows montessori program


    • Below one of the hdb blocks at bishan
    • Windows were all closed due to aircon (not much natural outdoor light coming in)
    • 2-3 teachers were sitting on the floor with the kids, putting the 18 months old class kids to sleep. Some in uniform some in home clothes
    • A few children/grandparents/maids were streaming in and out of the school while i was there, apparently family members can pick up children anytime after lunch/afternoon and some grandparents prefer to pick them early even though they are in full day 7am to 7pm
    • Under PCF and joint venture with Eton preschool 
    • Very affordable fees(one of the lowest! $700 plus before subsidy)

    Brighton Montessori Grassroot Club

    • Large spacious, occupy 2 levels at the grassroots club
    • Outdoor playground
    • Classrooms are partitioned so not noisy
    • Children looked happy, independent and well behaved generally
    • Principal was very professional and kids seem to love her lol
    • Follows montessori program
    • Fees on the high side, 1.7k before subsidy 

    Have decided to shortlist mindchamps and Brighton montessori given what we have seen so far, Kelvin will visit these 2 schools next time with me so we can decide which one!

    Monday, July 16, 2018

    Dear God, you know my thoughts and worries. I will put them in your hands and will trust that you have the best plans for me, no matter what they may be. I put my faith and trust in you, may your peace which transcends all understanding be in my heart. Amen.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2018

    Darkness and light

    God i know you put us through trials and sufferings for a reason. While im going through this period of my life, please guide me thru and dont let go off my hand.

    Even when its darkness everywhere and i cant seem to see the light, please show me where i should go and give me assurance that You have a plan for me and that i will see the fruits of my labour some day. sometimes its really difficult esp on days like these where its just bad news after bad news, but i know God you wont give us more than what we can bear so i will hold on to your promise and wait for the rays of light to appear one day.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2018


    Feeling like im at the lowest point of my career, like nothing is going well and really lousy about myself.

    I keep telling myself things will get better but i dont know if im just kidding myself..God are u there? I need your help and guidance..really feeling so terrible about myself and not sure what is the meaning of my existence..when will things finally get better and be ok? Why does it seem so easy for others and they get what they want easily?

    Wednesday, April 4, 2018

    Sunday, April 1, 2018

    Today is the day

    Finally after 10 months plus, i have decided that today it is time to stop pumping😅

    My milk supply has dropped quite abit such that to get a full feed, i need 2 to 3 days of pumping worth of milk which is really not feasible and also not worth all the effort of having to go thru 30 mins each pumping session and only getting 20 to 30 ml each time :/

    It hasnt been an easy journey with breastfeeding for me from the start given that im mostly a EP mum (since abt 3 mths plus Chloe refuses to latch on) and gosh, pumping 4 to 5 times a day is no joke! All the washing up and hours spent with my Spectra pump.. But im proud of myself that i made it so far by persevering and that my baby has gotten most of the important nutrients from the first few months of breast milk. Kudos to all the mummies out there who give their best to their babies becuz bfing is really not easy! Jiayou!

    Now finally i can get to drink some alcohol after more than 1.5 yrs!! Im no alcohol lover but after such a long time of not drinking any alcoholic drinks, im dying for a glass of good red wine or frosty mug of ice cold beer lol

    Monday, March 12, 2018

    Kitchen reno in progress

    Finally decided to renovate the kitchen after buying our bishan place for more than 6 years because the sink was leaking and we couldn't put it off any longer😅

    Chose to go with the ID recommended by my ex colleague , hope the turnout of the reno will be ok! Actually considering the amount we are paying (9K+), it better turn out more than ok >.<

    So far its been a week and the sink is starting to be built up. Will post more pics when the reno is done!

    Sunday, January 28, 2018

    AIA vitality weekly challenge

    Got my first group reward for the AIA vitality challenge! Plus the $5 voucher given for the individual challenge, i got $10 voucher in 1 week how awesome is that! I should have joined much earlier haha >.<

    Sunday, January 14, 2018

    Coldest temp ever in sg!

    Gosh these few days the weather has been super cold in singapore, today the temp dipped below 22 degrees which is practically unheard!

    Even when i open my living room door slightly, the wind is super strong. Im enjoying the cool weather though, feels like genting!