Sunday, November 8, 2015

More Premium Lounge, Taipei

On my recent work trip back from LA in Oct, I had the chance to use my Priority Pass for the first time at the More Premium Lounge at Taipei Taoyuan airport. 

I had about 4 hours of transit time in Taipei so it really came in handy! It was about 5 am when i landed and the lounge hadn't opened yet so i walked around abit and came back at 6am.

   There were quite a few people were waiting for the lounge to open at 6a.m

 neatly arranged magazines and information board. Most of the magazines were in chinese though.

The interior of the lounge reminds me a little of those victorian deco somehow haha.

Computer terminals for those who want to surf the net, i think as most people nowadays just use their smartphones and there is less of a need for these terminals at the lounge compared to the past

There were different rooms in the lounge with different themes - these chairs here look very comfortable and plush!

Massage chairs for those with aching backs, this is cool. I havent seen any of these in the recent lounges i've used actually!

i took the opportunity to have a quick shower at the lounge, they passed me some amenity kit and a bath towel before I used the shower. Think there is only 1 shower area there, it wasnt very clean but still ok i guess. Felt really good after taking a hot shower :D


I must say, the food and drinks selection at this lounge really impressed me. There was a wide range of food ranging from western selection (cereals with milk, bread etc) to chinese selection (hot porridge with condiments, buns) and even Japanese selection (udon with seaweed).

Chinese selection - i loved this! Its so warm and comforting to have a hot bowl of steaming porridge with peanuts and caixin hahaha

And guess what?! They had Haagen-Dazs ice cream! How amazing is that! I have never seen this kind of selection before at any lounge man..

i had 2 servings of strawberry ice-cream becuz it was sooo yummy! That's alot for me as I dont usually take alot of ice cream lol.

My bowl of porridge topped with seaweed, peanuts and wakame. They also had packets of milk tea, how awesome is that!

Even though i was very full, i still ordered a bowl of udon.

Overall, i must say this is one of the better lounges i've used in terms of the food selection.If i have the chance, would definitely use this lounge again!


Opening Hours
06:00 - 23:30 daily. Hours may vary according to flight schedules.

Airside - Level 4. After Immigration and Security Check, proceed upstairs to the Airline Lounge Level. Follow signs 'Airline Lounge'.


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