Sunday, November 15, 2015

ASPIRE lounge - Amsterdam

Review of ASPIRE Lounge, Amsterdam Airport Schipol

The Amsterdam airport is one of the better airports in the world which I've transited at during my travels. The toilets at the airports are so environmentally friendly and there is a wide range of retail shops there ranging from the standard duty free shops to supermarkets and even a casino for travellers who want to try their luck!

We flew back from Geneva, Switzerland via Amsterdam on KLM on our way back from Europe last month and got the chance to use the airport lounge at Amsterdam airport using our ANZ travel card (boy I love this card!!)

The airport lounge was nicely designed with a modern deco and saw plenty of people in the lounge so I'm guessing its a popular lounge.

There were plenty of comfortable seats available and I liked that there was a full length glass window that allows you to view the airplanes taking off from inside the lounge.

Interior of the lounge 

The food selection was pretty limited - there was soup, mixed salad, fruits, snacks etc. Nothing much to shout about, compared to the lounge at Taiwan and Singapore, i must say that the airport lounges at Europe are not as good in terms of the variety and quality of the food selection available.

The drinks selection was very impressive though!! This were much more choices than the lounge at Geneva, ranging from iced tea to tonic water to juices!

Standard alcohol choices available - vodka, whiskey, red wine etc

In my opinion, these seats facing the full glass window were the best seats in the lounge haha..Too bad they were all full!

I  had some soup (think it was cream of mushroom) and some mineral water, didnt take the other food as they didnt look particular appetizing plus i wasnt really hungry. The glass bottle that the mineral water came in was pretty cute!


Opening Hours
06:00 - 23:30 daily. 

Follow the signs which show Airline Lounge 41 in terminal 2. 
The route to Lounge 41 has been altered temporarily will take approx. 5-10 minutes. 
Take staircase / elevator to 3rd floor following Lounge 41
Proceed across panorama route on 3rd level following signs for Lounge 41


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