Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bangkok trip

Took a short weekend trip to Bangkok last week, it was v enjoyable but too short! Oh yes, the weather there was soo cold it was unbelievable.

Eunice and Wenbin - at airport waiting to board our plane..

On the plane - we took air asia, the tix were SGD 230 per pax including tax.

When we arrived at Bangkok, it was already 4pm plus..we took a cab to the hotel and were stuck in a seriously bad traffic jam for about more than 1 the time we got to the hotel, we were like finally!!

We stayed at Hilton hotel in Bangkok, Wenbin got staff rate so it was pretty affordable! The hotel is really very luxurious, i especially loved two things about staying there:

1) Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries

2) Swimming pool (it is so damn cool)

The deck chairs are literally in the pool itself

Nicest swimming pool i have ever seen at a hotel

Their lobby area also quite nice..

Super high ceiling

The room is very spacious and has a nice view of the river

Toilet also very nice haha..i want this type of toilet next time in my house man if i can..

We took a cab to Suan Lum Night market and had our dinner there. We ordered local thai food, it was v yummy esp the tom yum soup. very hot and shiok..We also ordered other dishes like green curry chicken, veggies cooked with basil and meat..

Eunice enjoying her food

Suan Lum night market was pretty ok, there were some shops selling nice home deco stuff like furniture, lamps, vanity tables etc. Rest of the shops were selling clothes and tourists stuff, didnt buy much stuff though..just a pair of earrings and a pink top

Next morning, we went to the pool early in the morning..

Comfy bean bags near the drinks area

Saw alot of ang mohs at hilton..not surprised though.

Kelvin relaxing while we suntanned...we dragged him out in the morning at 9am

Took our buffet breakfast at the hotel before heading out

We went to Chatuchak market (nothing much there quite disappointing), after that went to famous new Platinum mall.

Omg the Platinum mall is like so huge, literally got thousands of small shops there..after a while we didnt know where to walk cuz there were too many shops and so confusing...i bought alot of stuff so quite happy haha.. Bought a few dresses, 2 belts, a skirt for work...Stuff there is so cheap, all the items i bought were less than SGD 20 (even the dresses) cuz its a wholesale place..only thing is you cannot try on the clothes cuz the shops are too small.

Kelvin bought a silver ring which he was so happy with and he keeps wearing it now even though its abit too big haha.

After that we went to MBK and had jap dinner there. The first time we went to BKK, we went to the Fuji restaurant there and loved it so we went back there this time too.

This bento set only costs SGD 10! Cant get this kind of price in SG..

After that Eunice and I went to do our nails at Siam Square and i did a french pedicure and manicure with nail art, all for only 250 thai baht (around SGD 12).

We left for Singapore the next morning on Sun..Will definitely go back again to BKK soon!!

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