Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review of Plaza Premium Lounge (Arrival Hall) - Hong Kong International Airport (Terminal 2)

Got the chance to use my Priority Pass at the HK airport last week when I went for a last minute short HK getaway trip with Christine and Sha.

The flight we took from SIN to HK landed at 5am plus so we had loads of time to spare before we could check-in at the hotel. Being able to use the lounge at the HK airport was definitely a big plus for us! Its not very common to have a lounge which you can use after clearing customs at the airport so was definitely happy to find out that there is a Plaza Premium lounge at the arrival hall which we could access and have some rest before making our way to the city.

Plaza Premium Lounge (Arrival Hall) - Hong Kong International Airport

The lounge was located below the Airport Express platform and we found it pretty easily. Luckily my DBS altitude card comes with Priority Pass which provides 2 complimentary visits a year and you can let your guest use one of the visits which came in handy as Christine didnt have the Priority Pass.

If not,the lounge access charges are HKD 480 for 2 hour usage which is pretty steep! That's like around SGD 90 gosh.

Pictures of the lounge

Computer area where guests can use the free internet. There were quite a number of people in the lounge and most of them were trying to sleep in their chairs haha.

Food selection @ the lounge

They had some cookies, gummies, marshmallows if you feel like having some snacks 

Coffee/tea area - where you can make a cuppa latte or hot coffee. 

The tea is from Twinings but there were only a couple of tea bag flavors to choose from.

Croissants & pastries

Hot food options were limited - shrimp siew mai, fried vermicelli and scrambled eggs. The vermicelli didnt look appetizing so didnt try that. The siew mai was pretty good though!

Fridge area where you can grab some cold drinks, water or even some finger sandwiches.

The sandwiches were pretty decent (i tried both ham and cheese as well as tuna).

i have fond memories of vitasoy..reminds me of my childhood days when my family went to Kota Tinggi and somehow i have this memory of my siblings and I drinking vitasoy during the trip haha..

Took some cherry tomatoes, salad with scrambled eggs and siew mai.I know right, weird combi haha

There was also some porridge for those who prefer local breakfast options. Somehow i like porridge as it is comforting food haha.

Christine and I were pretty tired from the flight and too bad there werent any massage chairs or those seats where you could stretch out your legs at the lounge. I checked out the shower area, it looked a little dirty so decided not to use it. Also saw the nap rooms where you can book these rooms at additional charges (pretty expensive though)

Overall the lounge was decent enough and it allowed us to rest a bit while waiting for Sharon to arrive so we could check in at the hotel at Four Seasons Hong Kong. I heard the other 2 Plaza Premium lounges at the airside section are much better though, too bad didnt get the chance to check them out.

Really thankful for my Priority Pass access which allows me to access lounges whenever I travel! That's why i applied for another credit card (Citibank PremierMiles) which also provides Priority Pass access so i have 4 visits a year! ^^



Opening Hours
24 hours daily.

Landside - Level 3 (Arrival Level), below the Airport Express platform.

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