Thursday, March 31, 2016

W Hotel Staycation, Singapore - hotel review

My ex-colleagues and I decided to do something special in March to celebrate my colleague finishing her diploma course and decided to go for a Sentosa staycation to celebrate! I love staycations ;)

We decided on W hotel, heard it was a very nice hotel to stay at compared to other hotels in Sentosa. I've tried before Hard Rock Hotel and Hotel Michael, they were pretty ok but nothing fantastic though. So thought we should just splurge and spend a little bit more to try out the W hotel, which is a starwood preferred hotel.

We met at vivocity to buy some drinks first and then took a cab to the hotel. 

Tadah! The grand W hotel..the entrance logo is sooo cool.

group pic ;D

Good morning W!

the hotel lobby was super lux and modernly designed. loved it!

some arty looking decorations at the hotel lobby

we arrived early and it wasnt time to check in yet so we took a walk around the hotel area to check out its facilities. The view of the marina was beautiful ;)

lots of rich pple staying in SG! look at the boats they most of them are ang mohs lol.

Finally, it was time to check in, we found out they had upgraded us to a room on a higher floor. When we walked in, i was super surprised!

it was a early birthday surprise arranged by my dear ex colleagues!! they had decorated the room with brightly colored balloons and a cute birthday sign..super touched man!

selfie time!

The hotel room was very stylish and came with little touches to make it special.

gorgeous mood lighting headboards that change colors with a switch!

bathroom area was huge 

W hotel uses bliss toiletries, i thought the smell of the shampoo/conditioner was abit weird and not really to my liking though haha.

fluffy W hotel robe

Check out the amazing view from our hotel balcony!

After settling in, we went for lunch at a nearby italian restaurant. After that, we decided to check out the hotel spa facilities at the W hotel.

soaked in the indoor jacuzzi for a while

Went for a swim at the outdoor pool!

For dinner, we took the hotel shuttle and headed to a HK cafe at the RWS hotel resort area and had some dim sum with other dishes. The food was ok i guess..but nothing fantastic haha. We walked around the musical fountain area and the shops there, saw some lighting show from the Universal Studios while we were there also.

After coming back to the hotel, we decided to go to the WooBar to redeem my complimentary cake voucher that the hotel had provided for our stay which was a nice gesture :)

so cute they put a sparkler on the cake!

happy smiles all around, thank you my dear friends for celebrating my birthday with me! even though we are no longer working at the same company together, im happy that we still keep in close contact and meet up and have fun together whenever we meetup. i know it wasnt easy for my ex colleagues to get away from their kids for 1 night so really blessed u guys made the arrangements with your hubbies!

mood lighting at night, so cool right?? we had a really nice time chatting late into the night (think we only went to bed around 3-4am!) Gosh it was been so long since i stayed up till so late haha..super fun~

nice night view from our hotel balcony, so peaceful and quiet :)


breakfast was a sumptuous affair, really impressed by the variety there!

Bacon, grilled sausages, tomatoes etc

they had an asian noodle selection where you could order laksa and other mees

traditional congee with youtiao for those who prefer chinese breakfast

waffles, some eggy stuff and cute happy faces pancakes haha

After a filling breakfast,we headed back to the hotel room to nua for a while more before it was time to check out haha.  The room was so comfortable, really didnt want to leave :(

view of balcony from our beds

last shot of me at the balcony before we left! Overall,it was a really enjoyable staycation and W hotel Sentosa, i would come back anytime in a heartbeat! :)

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