Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Leela Palace, Bangalore India - hotel review

Had the opportunity to stay at The Leela Palace on my last biz trip to Bangalore, India and i must say it was really a fantastic hotel stay. 

Since it was my first time travelling to India, initially i was abit apprehensive about the safety (didnt help that the media reports about foreigner women being attacked in India!) there but it wasnt as bad as i thought. It helped that i travelled with my Singapore colleague who is originally from India and pretty familiar with Bangalore. Also, the fact that we stayed at a established hotel like The Leela which had alot of safety measure in place including many security guards stationed at the hotel entrance with also a bag check security made me feel alot more assured.

We arranged a hotel car that picked us up from the Bangalore airport when we arrived.

I was quite amazed when we arrived at the hotel.Look at how beautiful the hotel grounds are with its large spacious foyer outside and sprawling outdoor garden with gorgeous foliage.

Beautiful interior with grand chandeliers 

gigantic bowl of red roses centerpiece

We got the access cards to our hotel rooms after checking in and made our way to our rooms. Couldnt wait to check out my room and rest after the flight!

long walk to our hotel rooms,the hallway decor was very nice

Area outside my hotel room

Tada,finally time to check out my room!

so gorgeous! it was practically a suite, it was super spacious and lots of space

large king bed with a big sofa at the sitting area

small touches in the hotel bathroom

next to the bathtub there  are window shutters that you can pull up to see the bedroom area/tv from the bathtub!

complimentary fruit bowl and cookies to welcome hotel guests

super super loved this pair of comfy bathroom slippers! felt so much luxurious than the other hotel slippers i have gotten in other hotels 


The breakfast at the Leela was fantastic. There was so much variety and international food selection for guests.

area outside the main hotel restaurant where we had our daily breakfasts

my yummy breakfast selection - ham and cheese omelette with grilled vegetables and tomatoes. They had small bottles of freshly squeezed fruit juices and the watermelon juice was soo sweet and nice!!

salad selection

freshly squeezed fruit juices, it was so handy. I grabbed one when we headed for the office after our breakfast.

fresh coconut juice anyone?

hot food selection

The hotel also had a nice outdoor pool and sitting area with loads of restaurants (Japanese,Indian etc). Didnt get the chance to enjoy the pool though. Overall i really enjoyed my stay and i believe its one of the best properties one can stay at when in Bangalore!

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