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My Hello Kitty Flight review X EVA Air

I finally got the chance to try the Hello Kitty flight on EVA Air on my work trip to US last year. It was actually a stroke of luck that i got to take the flight as I was supposed to be taking SQ to LA but in the end, due to some problems with the travel booking I had to take an alternative flight and i ended up taking EVA Air instead.

So i did some research and found out the flights that you could take the Hello Kitty plane on the EVA Air's website and managed to snag the BR215 flight enroute back from Taipei to SIN! 

If you stay in Singapore and want to try out the Hello Kitty flight, there are only 2 flight routes available between Singapore and Taipei

Flights available: 
BR216 (Singapore to Taipei)
BR215 (Taipei to Singapore)

It flies only 3 times weekly, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday so remember this when you are booking your flight on EVA Air, if not you will be sorely disappointed and find out that it is a normal EVA air flight. 

As a side note, having flown EVA air on the other sectors from LA to Taipei and SIN to Taipei, the experience is very meh. The food is ok but not very memorable. The air crew is quite friendly but not exceptional also. Was quite disappointed by the snacks selection as they only had some crappy biscuits which didnt taste nice at all. They did serve a very nice drink onboard their flights though! The Calpis soda which i absolutely loved after trying it out, i ordered it a few times during the flight haha.

Ok back to the Hello Kitty flight!

Taken from

Took a picture of the hello kitty jet from the boarding area at Taoyuan airport, the plane is so cute right!

Trying to take a selfie with the jet in the background #epicfail #butitsok

As I walked down the aisle to my set, i quickly snapped a pic of the business class section. Their seats had a different hello kitty cushion which looked much better quality and bigger too (i guess thats why you pay a premium for business class!)

But can you imagine the thought of businessmen sitting in biz class using the hello kitty cushion? the thought was quite hilarious hahaha

Economy class seats - all decorated with a cute headrest cover 

Look at my cute hello kitty cushion!! Cutest airplane cushion i have ever seen lor. And dont judge me but i took it back with me >.<. 

Disclaimer: i had googled and read from quite a few bloggers they all took the cushion and if you ask the flight stewardess nicely, they will let you take it :)

look at the menu, its also hello kitty themed! Oh if you look closely on the menu the Calpis drink i mentioned about haha.

At this point in time,i was just thinking how incredibly lucky and blessed to be on this kawaii hello kitty flight. Not many people have the chance to try it!!

Even the headphones are wrapped in hello kitty plastic can!!

After we took off, the air stewardesses (they were wearing cute hello kitty aprons but i didnt dare to take a pic of them haha) gave out the snacks and omg so cute lor.

i read from one of the blogs (think it was Bong QiuQiu) that you could ore-order the hello kitty kids meal which came in this cute pink bento box from their website so i did just that!

Look at this!! i fell in love with my meal box when they served it to me, it came in this cute sweet wrapper shaped box and inside, there was my main meal(think some tomato paste minced mean with rice), mini sandwiches, fruits, a hello kitty shaped pudding and cute sweets inside with an apple juice drink. The carrots in my meal were heart shaped too.

i seriously wanted to take the bento box back but it was kinda oily and i thought ok better not, its abit disgusting haha

I asked for a hot tea and look what i got?? A lovely hello kitty cup complete with pink stirrer and hello kitty not to melt with all these cuteness i ask you??

In the toilet, the hello kitty theme continues. Look at this madness!!

hello kitty toilet paper can!!

Even the barf bag is so cute, who will dare to use this lor..its too cute to vomit in hahaha

I took so many pics on the plane and when i looked around, i saw all the other female passengers doing it too hahaha..everybody was snapping pics and taking selfies lor..i promise you im not kidding...but the guy passengers on the flight werent too impressed with the hello kitty madness i must admit, i saw this uncle like eating his hello kitty meal and i was laughing to myself cuz he didnt look too impressed hahaha

I was very happy throughout my flight and was quite sad when the plane touched down at Changi Airport. Wish it was longer! If i have the chance to in the future, i'd definitely try to catch the Hello Kitty flight again!!

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