Thursday, August 21, 2014

Batam trip 2014 with my colleagues

Went for a batam trip a few months back with my colleagues, it was my first time going to Batam and i have always wanted to go there for massage and for their seafood cuz i heard its cheap lol.

Selfie taken at the MRT station while waiting for the train to arrive

We met up at Harbourfront and checked in to take our ferry. We booked the Wave Master ferry tix through Groupon and did our booking directly with the hotel at Harris Hotel Batam Center.  We chose this hotel cuz my colleague said this was the most convenient one as its literally just 5 mins away from the ferry terminal.

Onboard the ferry to Batam

Finally reached our destination! Saw our hotel after we got off the ferry and i was like wah...really very near hahaha

After clearing customs we headed towards the Mega Mall shopping centre which was just opposite the hotel for lunch. And of course when you are in Batam, you must eat one thing..


I miss A&W! its strange wont miss something till its no longer there. I mean i've always liked their root beer float and waffles growing up but i did not have craving for A&W often when it was still in Singapore but now that they have pulled out from SG, I'm like wah i must have A&W lol.

my A&W set with curly fries..we were so disappointed  though cuz their soft drinks machine was spoiled and no more root beer float :((

waffle with ice cream

my colleagues bought the A&W soft toys!

After lunch, we walked around abit and finally it was time to check into the hotel.

Harris Batam Hotel

the hotel interior is pretty nice, very vibrant and cheerful colors 

After we put down our bags in the hotel room, we headed towards our next stop - Spa massage at Batam Spa Villa, KTM Resort.

Batam Spa Villa
KTM Resort
JL Kolonel Suglono Tg Pinggir
Sekupang, Batam,

we booked the Ocean View Spa package which  includes foot bath, hydrotherapy bath and full body massage - S$48 (110 mins)

having the foot bath

the ocean view was pretty nice 


Overall the massage was pretty ok but because it was too hot and there wasnt any aircon, i didnt enjoy it as much as i thought i would =/

After the massage, we took a taxi to Nagoya Hill shopping mall to do some shopping. I wanted to do a pedicure as well as i heard its quite cheap.

Took us some time to find a manicure/pedicure place cuz a couple were fully booked but finally we found one and i chose to do french pedicure. It was dirt cheap, like $12 or something for a full pedicure!

Time for dinner! We decided to go to Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant as we heard good reviews about their seafood. 

we ordered alot of dishes - Black pepper crabs, chili crabs, kang kong, fried sotong, mee goreng..

The food was pretty good i must say, especially the kang kong!! it was soo good we ordered a 2nd plate lol. Most importantly, it was very affordable..think we only ended up paying S$20 per pax for so many dishes 

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was pretty late but didnt get to sleep till like 1 am plus cuz there was an issue with our bathroom flooding :( the hotel staff got it fixed but by the time we bathed and slept, i was so dead tired lol.

Next morning we had the breakfast buffet at the hotel. The spread was pretty decent, not fantastic but still ok

Enjoyed spending time with my colleagues for the trip and even though it was just Batam, we had a good time and wouldnt mind coming back for the seafood again! next time will try a different massage place though haha.

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