Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello Los Angeles!- Part 1 (USA west coast summer trip 2013)

Our recent US west coast trip was AWESOME!! 

It feels like we just came back but it's been a month already! Had a really good time during the trip and I loved every single city that we went - Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, San Francisco..

Here's part 1 of our fab trip :)

Took this at the Singapore Changi Airport while waiting to board our SQ A380 flight to LA.  The sectors were SIN-Narita and Narita-LAX.

Honestly, I've always never been able to sleep much during flights as I cant seem to fall asleep during a plane journey no matter how tired I am. Even when I went to Europe to visit my sister and the flight was 13 hours, i couldnt sleep a wink. Ended up the moment i reached, i was concussed and slept the whole day when i arrived.

So this time round, since it was going to be an almost 20 hours flight in total to US, I got Limin to bring her sleeping pills for me but guess what??? I still couldnt sleep even after taking it!!!! I felt abit sleepy after taking it but it wasnt enough for me to fall sleep -.- SO i ended up in those kind of not here not there kind of rest whereby i closed my closed but yet i am very conscious of my surroundings sighz..How i wish i could fall asleep easily like Kelvin and everybody else :(( Sianz lol.

Spent the whole time watching movies on the Krisworld but i watched quite a few of them already and the rest werent very interesting so it was kinda hard to pass the time..

The in-flight food on SQ wasnt that great (as expected) but i did like the green soba noodles that came with the japanese selection that i ordered.

After about 6-7 hours, we landed at Narita airport where we had to get off and go through customs check again :(

This is our A380 plane that brought us to US. 

After another agonizing sleepless 11-12 hours later, we finally arrived at our destination.

Hello Los Angeles!

We took a cab to the hotel where we were staying at (Orchid Suites Hollywood). Gosh, cabs in US are really expensive. The whole journey took about 45 mins and it came up to abt USD 90 in total after tips! like omg..Oh yeah, in case you are wondering how much do you need to tip in US? Here's a guide from Tripadvisor

Suggested tips:

  • $1-5 for skycaps, bellhops, doormen, and parking valets, $1 per coat for coatroom attendants, $2-5 per night for housekeeper, $5-10 for concierge (only if they arranged tickets or reservations), $1-3 per bag for grocery loaders. 
  • For waiters at sit-down restaurants, bartenders, barbers/hairdressers/attendants at beauty salons, taxi drivers, tour guides, and food delivery folks, the tip should be calculated as a percentage of your total bill as follows: 10% usually means you are very unhappy, 15% usually means all was ok, 20% for excellent, 25% for outstanding. 15% and over is considered "normal".

Hollywood Orchid Suites - Our home in LA for the next 2 nights.

The hotel room was pretty spacious and came with 2 king sized beds, a small kitchenette and dining room. It was pretty good value for our $ considering its great location in Hollywood (just behind Loewe Hollywood hotel) and 5 mins away from the Hollywood and Highland and the famous Walk of Fame!

Just outside our room was the pool area but we didnt try it cuz it was abit cold and anyway i forgot to pack my swimming suit :/


Gosh, never thought one day I'd be in Hollywood where the famous stars and movies are filmed at! But too bad we didnt see any famous stars haha. 

In case where I took this pic of the famous Hollywood sign from, it was taken from the Hollywood and Highland center! 

There are also many other places to get a glimpse of the famous Hollywood sign (click here) but we didnt go to these places because 1) we didnt rent a car and its not easy to get around in LA without a rental car and 2) we only had a couple of nights in LA before we went to our next stop.

Was so happy to find a Victoria's Secret store at the Hollywood and Highland Center. 

The 2 brands that i told myself I had to go to in the US when i was there were VS and my beloved Abercrombie/Hollister!

Dolby Theater

Nearby the mall was the El Capitan Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Do you spy a lone black figure at the right corner? Yes that's Batman (or at least his lookalike lol). You can pay a few bucks to take a pic with him (and many other famous Hollywood "stars" there for that matter).

We walked around abit to explore the area and after a while the jet lag got to us and we had to find a place to sit down for some food and drinks.

Found a small place (not sure to call it a pub or restaurant?) and settled down to have some nachos with cheese/avocado dip and beer.

check out the huge plate of nachos!

After that, the jet lag hit us really bad and we just went to a nearby convenient store to get some more beer and water and went back to the hotel to end off for the day. And guess what time we slept?? 6pm plus!!! Super early man~

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