Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Europe Trip 2012 - Part 1 (Swiss)

Finally have the time to post my pics on my recent trip to Europe to visit my sis and her baby ;p

We took the SQ 346 flight which flies from Singapore to Zurich. Was quite excited to take SQ again cuz i think i've only taken it once before when I went to Tokyo last time and that was a few years back! 

On board the plane lol

with my mummy

Meal served on board - some pork with mashed potatoes..very normal only..their dessert wasn't very nice also, I think Cathay Pacific at least serves ice cream!

The inflight entertainment was ok, i watched alot of movies before so there were only a few options for me to choose from which I havent watched before lol..Oh yes that's my Singapore Sling cocktail which I ordered, it turned out to be a bad choice haha. It tasted super syrupy and sweet like cough medicine.

After 13 hours of no sleep, we finally arrived at the Zurich airport. It was freezing cold when we came out of the airport!! We had to take out our boots and thick jacket from our luggage before we dared to venture out lol. We took a train to Lausanne (tix was CHF 70 i think!) and the journey was about 2 hours plus.


look at all the white snow on the ground!

Finally we arrived at my sis place in Lausanne and then i saw my cutie niece Alba for the first time! She's soooo cute and adorable!

Look at her big pretty eyes! 

My mum was so happy to see the baby =) She fussed abit about the baby (being a granny for the first time!) but after a while she calmed down lol..

Alba after just taking a bath, looking so sweet wrapped up in a pink comfy blanket.

 Used my iPhone app to add special effects ^^

So cute think she's yawning or making little noises (which she often does lol)

Me thinks she's got really dark soulful eyes

 capturing a tender moment between my sis and her baby ;D

My mum's main purpose was to help her with confinement so she brought along a whole suitcase filled with herbs and other nutritious stuff for confinement haha. During the trip, she cooked almost all our meals! Most of the dishes had lots of ginger, wine or vinegar or some "bu" ingredients like yu piao or something lol. It was almost too bu for me but i have to agree some of the dishes tasted really good (those without ginger cuz im not a big fan of ginger!) My poor sis had to eat all the "good stuff" as part of her confinement hahaha, poor thing! But ok la, im sure its all very healthy and good for her.

typical lunch - plate of simple stir fried veggies with some fish in black pepper sauce with potatoes and herbal soup

my sis with her nutritious herbal soup lol

A meat and cheese filled pie which we bought from the supermarket and baked it. It was quite yummy!

During the trip, most days we spent it at home just watching tv since it was better for my sis and the baby to stay at home cuz of the cold winter. We watched alot of CCTV( mum) and Fashion TV/ MTV (me) lol..We also watched DVDs lol. When we were not watching TV, we were either eating or just resting lol. I finished lots of books and magazines there!

Some days we went out to do some shopping or buy groceries though!

On our way to the shops - It hadn't started snowing yet when we first arrived

Streets of Lausanne

One of the days my sis brought me out to collect some pork which my mum had asked her to get from the butcher and she brought me to this Taiwanese bubble tea shop! Think its the only bubble tea shop in the whole area lol.

Like the deco, quite simple and nice

Was quite comforting to have hot bubble tea in Europe when the weather outside was so cold haha. Its not cheap tho, it cost like CHF 7 a pop. Which is like SGD 10 or something!

Did some shopping at H&M as usual and I took a pic of my outfit for the day while I was in the fitting room. 

Top: Abercrombie plaid shirt and hoodie 
Bottom: Hollister skinny jeans 
Shoes: Dark brown UGG boots(my sis's).

Went with my mum to some open market in the city center where the stalls sold fresh fruit and vegetables and cheese etc.

Snow in Lausanne!~

Started to snow very heavily a few days after we arrived, it was so amazing to see so much snow! Think it was the first time I actually saw snow falling down in Switzerland lol. For my mum too, it was her first time seeing snow haha.

Snowflakes captured in my fingers 

With all the snow, of course we had to take pics of ourselves in the snow! :D

i tell you, it was absolutely freezing whenever we had to take off our gloves to take the pics lol

snow covered cars - check out the thick blanket of snow on the cars!

some funny snowman that we spotted near the park

With the freezing numbing cold, i was always longing to buy a hot cup of coffee to warm me up. Which I did at Starbucks!

Ordered my usual fav Caramel Macchiato but it tasted a little different. Still prefer the one in Singapore!

Helped my sis to put up the christmas tree and here's a pic of her lovely apartment

Nice collage of pictures of close friends and family

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