Sunday, May 22, 2011

Japan Honeymoon trip - Part I

Japan Honeymoon trip - Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka/Tokyo

Ok i know its been ages since i updated my blog.

Finally i have started on my epic journey to upload pics from our Japan honeymoon in Jan. So now is May so it took me 4 months. BUT you know what they say, better late then never here comes Part I (out of dunno how many parts lol)

Onboard the ANA flight to Tokyo for our honeymoon ^o^

Breakfast meal served on the flight, pancakes with sausages, pototos, veggies with fruits and orange juice and miso soup. The bun was so hard, i didnt even touch it.

Tokyo Loves You!

Finally arrived at Narita Airport. we took the airport limo bus to Keio Plaza. The room wasnt ready when we arrived so we walked around for a while. It was freezing cold!! after a bit, we decided to wait at the hotel lobby till we could check in.

There was a small exhibition at the hotel ground floor area showcasing some tiny figurines and minatures.

Finally, we were able to check in. Wasnt particularly happy with the hotel staff at the reception area, he was so unfriendly looking and didnt show any warmth or enthusiasm at all when serving us. We told him it was our honeymoon and he did

Our hotel room - business exec room.

Was quite disappointed, dunno just looked like a normal room (the toiletries was very disappointing and the carpet looked a little old and stained). maybe i expected more since it was Keio Plaza Tokyo and i heard good reviews abt the place and had too high expectations.

Rested for a while (took a short nap) and then it was dark so fast! we headed out to explore Harajuku.


I came here with Sharon before and it looked pretty much the same. Except cuz we went at night, we didnt see any pple dressing up in cosplay costumes haha.

Walked around, there was a big Laforet sale and there were massive crowds that went there to shop! i realize that Japanese love to shop, all the shops that we went it was packed with pple shopping..i cant understand why the japanese economy is not doing well leh since the locals are supporting the local economy by buying so many retail products.. hmmm..

look at the amount of pple, i kept seeing pple carrying many shopping bags with the Laforet sign.

Didnt manage to find anything nice for myself though..

Bought this yummy crepe made with strawberries and whipped cream. Delicious!

i love crepes hee..

After that we headed back to Shinjuku to have our dinner. We didnt know where to go so went to this jap restaurant near our hotel which looked nice.


fav beef sukiyaki

**Guess what?**

Keio Plaza hotel upgraded us to a better room after I gave my feedback form to the front desk.

Our new room!

me love loccitane toiletries!@

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