Saturday, August 28, 2010

HK Trip Part I

Back from my HK trip, tink i'm really getting old liao.

I'm still recovering from the intensive walking during the trip(from 9am in morning till midnite) and not enough sleep even after 1 week lol.

Was very tiring but it was fun and bought quite abit of stuff.

HK Trip 17-20 Aug 2010

At Changi Aiport, our flight CX 714 from SIN-HK

airline food was not very good at all on Cathay Pacific, quite disappointing..last time i rem they used to give ice cream as dessert now only got choc. I think my fav airline is still Thai Airways.

When we touched down at HK airport, we were expecting to see someone holding up our names as we had arranged airport transfer through the Langham hotel. However after we got our luggage and arrived at the arrival gate, we didnt see anyone.

After walking around for about 15 mins trying to see if anyone was holding up our names, we decided to ask a counter nearby where was the langham airport transfer counter.

It was then we realized the counter was at the other end of the airport.

Our baggages were tagged and we were told to wait at a waiting area for someone to direct us to the bus which was coming in 5 mins. but after 15 mins, still nobody approached us so we asked one of the staff there. We were quite irritated when they told us that we had missed our bus and had to wait for the next bus which would come in 30 mins!

Finally after waiting awhile, we got on the bus and headed for the hotel. Took some snapshots on the bus journey.

the HK apartments are really tiny and cramped, i think i'll be quite depressed if i were staying in those tiny apartments..

Langham Place Hotel

We stayed at Essential Place, the standard basic room. The hotel room is considered pretty spacious since hotel rooms in HK are notorious for being tiny due to limited space

i like the glass wall between the toilet and the room, it makes the room feel bigger. Of course when we first saw it we were like, wah there better be a curtain or screen if not we will see each other when using the toilet!! lol

err fyi i accidentally broke one of the glasses at the wash basin, luckily they didnt charge us extra for the replacement lol.

this pic is like those professional photos taken by the hotel rite? heh

toiletries set - shower cap with rubber band, two sets of toothbrush/toothpaste, shaving set nicely packaged.

we koped a few of these mini shower wash/conditioner/shampoo bottles to bring back of course

iPhone dock - you can put your iPhone there to charge and play your music tracks. quite cool

stationary set

hotel room interior

view of langham mall from our room

After settling down and putting down our stuff, we went to grab a meal and Eunice brought us to a "food court" style place nearby to eat.

roasted duck rice with milk tea

Famous dessert store in HK, they have lots of mango desserts

Also tried the bubble milk tea there, koi cafe is still better ;p

we did abit of shopping after that went back to the hotel room. Cindy and I went up to Eunice's room to check out her room which was the Vital Place on a higher floor. It looks pretty much the same except its on a higher floor and has a pillow menu selection to choose from.
The view from the room is nicer too haha.

HK night skyline

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